Global Programming Solutions, Inc. takes a different approach to web hosting, offering clients free hosting regardless of the size of their website! The little secret of the web hosting industry is that web server space for the average website costs quite literally pennies per month. What is important these days is not hosting the files, per se, but maintaining all the different languages, tools, and plugins associated with a modern website.

Other hosting companies usually provide you with an interface for you upload your website files to a server, leaving you to fend for yourself in maintaining the ever-changing infrastructure of the web.

GPS’s maintenance service monitors this changing landscape, guiding your specifically designed website through necessary updates and changes. We maintain all the pieces and parts of your site’s infrastructure, monitoring and coordinating the routine updates to WordPress, PhP, MySQL and WordPress plugins – so that you don’t have to maintain them yourself.

Clients may pay for our maintenance service by the hour, as needed, or they can purchase a monthly subscription, which will cover all site maintenance-related costs as they come up.

Website Hosting for GPS Clients


Website Maintenance Hourly Rate – as needed for maintenance and updating

$105 per hour

Website Maintenance Subscription – covers ALL maintenance-related charges

single site $74.95/month (billed quarterly)

three or more sites $59.95/month (billed quarterly)

5% discount for annual billing paid in advance