Corvis Corporation

Client: Corvis Corporation

Project: Design, build and program multiple different electro-optical test stations to automate and integrate engineering and manufacturing testing for the Corvis Optical Switch both in the lab and on the manufacturing floor.

Corvis Corporation needed a series of stand-alone, fully integrated electro-optical test stations that could be operated by technician-level manufacturing employees to test company’s flagship product, the all-optical internet backbone switch. The project included integrating (the electro-mechanical-optical test station design) and sequencing (using LabView) a complex array of tunable lasers, waveform generators, digital oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers, and associated instrumentation. The software was designed to be run by a manufacturing technician, and offered a simple user interface with pass/fail result, and a detailed set of reports keyed off the device under test’s serial number and logged to the ERP system database for further review.